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My skillfully tailored language courses will help you untangle the infamous Polish grammar, improve your pronunciation, spelling and communication skills and teach you how to learn languages effectively. Contact me now to get a free offer customised to your needs!

Individual classes

For 1-2 students, tailored to your personal needs and expectations. A great way to get you started and master the basics in no time.

1 level - 10h

from 40€/h

Group classes

For 3-6 students, full of games and language puzzles adjusted to your level. Become a language detective and learn by doing.

1 level - 15h

from 30€/h

Polish for couples

For mixed-language couples. Your guide to learning Polish together at home without frustration - teraz mówimy po polsku!


from 50€/h


Indispensable for second generation Polish speakers on their way to proficiency and confidence; support for parents of bilingual children.

1 session - 75 mins

from 70€/session


Discover what all this buzz is about...


I apply games to transform complex educational content into engaging, immersive learning experiences - no more boring grammar coursebooks and starting to talk 'when you're ready'. Games give you an amazing opportunity to role play in new contexts and implement new skills on-the-job, make mistakes in a safe environment, practice, have fun and learn some more. You can already start playing in Polish at home with your Polish family and friends - get the game, download my free instructions and games vocabulary pdfs and... have fun learning!

Check out my favourite games:



No one can resist sweet pandas and Antoine Bauza's games - this great combination will teach you to talk about the weather and gardening and make you feel like plannting something in your garden or on your balcony immediately after the game.


The Mind

Language independence is the sheer definition of this game in which you need to accomplish a mission as a team without uttering even a single word. It seems impossible before you start playing, then it is impossible to stop. Laughing is allowed.



An interactive Asian themed labirynth that can entertain a group of 8 - at least before you collide with another player and get eliminated. But worry not, you'll only have a few minutes to fetch another drink before the next round begins and you can give these winding lines another try.



It got more awards that there are azulejos in Portugal and it is for a reason - this abstract strategy game will occupy your minds with colorful tile patterns instead of Polish grammar so that you can finally spend a delightful evening without worring about the genitive and accusative.



Getting infected with a virus has never been so much fun! A fast-paced card game with ridiculous dialogs that will teach you to talk about the human body and sickness, all you need is a small table or picknick blanket and a group of brave friends.



Already a classic, beautifly made, it guarantees a lot of fun with easy rules that offer endless game scenarios and equally endless extensions with new themes (=new vocabulary!). Sightseeing in Polish made easy with the medieval professions and city architecture words.


6 nimmt!/Take5!

6 nimmt! has a perfect balance of luck and strategy and, although playing yet another numerical card game may sound monotonous, this one will leave you wanting more. Perfect for beginners who want to learn and practice pronouncing Polish numbers.



From one of my favourite game authors, a simple cooperative game with a twist -- you can't see your own cards and need to be navigated by your partners -- what better way to practice new vocabulary? This time it's all about colours and numeral nouns, enjoy!

About Me

Monika Zatylny

Language coach

MA in Linguistics

My thesis focused on being bilingual and the effects it has on one's pronunciation

Speech therapy

During my professional education I mastered the basics of speech therapy and vocal emission.

15 years of experience

I've been teaching foreign languages in Austria, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands


I completed a professional training in "Supporting learners in difficulties with reading and writing"

Coaching and Counselling

I'm currently studying towards my certification and work with individual clients in Polish and English

Impro theatre

I love theatre, comedy and improvisation! My hobby,and teaching tool, is improvised comedy and physical theatre.

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