Michael Kiesling (2017)

  Language level: language independent

  Vocabulary: n/a

  Game type: pattern building, action points

  Number of players: 2-4

  Game time: 30-45 mins

  Gaming vocabulary in Polish - a FREE pdf

  Game instruction in Polish - a FREE pdf

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What is the game about?

The name of the game comes from the Portuguese word azulejo which is a tile painted with intricate and clorful patterns traditionally used to decorate walls in the countries of the Mediterranean like Morocco, Portugal and Spain. In this game you will be doing exactly that - decorating walls with tiles according to the pattern specified on your player board.

Players take turns drafting colored tiles from suppliers to their player boards, then score points based on how well they’ve placed their tiles into specific patterns and complete sets and how many they have wasted. There are two main rules that need to be followed: 1) All of the tiles in a row have to be the same design, and 2) when you take a tile of one design from one of the suppliers, you have to take all the tiles of that design on the plate.

All your energy will go into planning your next moves and twiddling the beautiful tile shaped tokens with your fingers - a primeval pleasure that can only be topped by the thrill of shaking the blue Azul bag full of tokens.

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What kind of vocabulary can you practice?

The game is language independent and offers a great opportunity to practice your general gaming vocabulary without occupying your mind with any game-specific words.

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  Gaming vocabulary in Polish - a FREE pdf

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