Klaus-Jürgen Wrede (2000)

  Language level: intermediate

  Vocabulary: city, Middle-Ages

  Game type: tile placement, logical

  Number of players: 2-5

  Game time: 60 mins

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What is the game about?

The game’s theme is inspired by the medieval French city of Carcassonne – a stone fortress in the south of France known for its imposing fortifications. Players must develop the area around the city by placing landscape tiles with roads, cities, monasteries, fields and rivers and occupy the land with their followers – cute wodden meeples (figurines) that turn into highwaymen, knights, monks and farmers depending on where they are placed on the board.

You earn points by placing the figurines strategically, for example by claiming a road (1 point for each tile), a fortified city (1-4 points for each tile), a monastery (up to 9 points for a completed temple), etc. The point system might be somewhat confusing at first but it actually is very logical and straightforward. Points are earned both during the game and at the very end which allows for various strategies to be successful and keeps the emotions high until the end -- that is, when the last landscape tile is placed and the player with the highest score is proclaimed the winner.

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What kind of vocabulary can you practice?

The game is played in the Middle-Ages so it offers a great practice of your holiday sightseeing vocabulary, but, it will not overload you with too many uncecessary details. You’ll learn how to name basic medieval constructions – a road, a city, a monastery, a bridge, a wall – a few professions – highwaymen, knight, monk, farmer – and corresponding action verbs like I’m building a road, I’m claiming this field or I’m closing this city with a wall.

  Example expressions you will learn:

Buduję tu drogę.

Mój rolnik zajmuje to pole.

Zamykam/otaczam moje miasto murem.

W tym mieście jest herb!

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  Gaming vocabulary in Polish - a FREE pdf

  Game rules in Polish - a FREE pdf

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