Antoine Bauza (2011)

  Language level: intermediate

  Vocabulary: weather, gardening

  Game type: tile placement, action points

  Number of players: 2-4

  Game time: 45 mins

  Gaming vocabulary in Polish - a FREE pdf

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What is the game about?

Planting bamboo and feeding pandas. You start by placing the water source tile in the middle of the table and go on adding land tiles, irrigation channels and moving the farmer around and making him plant bamboo for the panda to eat. Each turn has you do 2 things: roll the weather dice and take 2 out of 5 possible actions – placing a garden plot tile, collecting an irrigation token, using the gardener, moving the panda or drawing an objective card. The objective cards make you focus on either placing garden tiles in certain configurations, making the panda eat certain colors of bamboo or making the gardener grow specific bamboo to a certain height – this means loads of interesting vocabulary for you to learn!

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What kind of vocabulary can you practice?

You will become a real bamboo farming expert. You will consider five weather conditions sun, rain, storm, wind and clouds, you will build irrigation channels and water your plots of land, plant bamboo shoots and watch them grow (Takenoko means a bamboo shoot in Japanese), you will control the maximal size of your bamboo, and you will eat it, I mean, the panda will eat it 🐼 All this in the present imperfect or past perfect modes, hurrayyy!

  Example expressions you will learn:

Świeci wspaniałe słońce.

Panda zjada pęd bambusa.

To pole jest nawodnione.

Rolnik sadzi pęd bambusa.

Buy this game on amazon.nl

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  Gaming vocabulary in Polish - a FREE pdf

  Game rules in Polish - a FREE pdf

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