The Mind

Wolfgang Warsch (2018)

  Language level: language independent

  Vocabulary: numbers

  Game type: card game, cooperative

  Number of players: 2-4

  Game time: 20-60 mins

  Gaming vocabulary in Polish - a FREE pdf

  Game instruction in Polish - a FREE pdf

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What is the game about?

All players form a single team. In the first round (level 1) each player receives 1 card, in the second round (level 2) they receive 2 cards, and so on. The only thing the players need to do as a team is lay all these cards down in numerical order, from lowest to highest. This would be super easy except that it is so difficult! Whaaaaat 🤨?!?
Here is the trick: the players must not disclose anything about their own cards - no sharing of information, no secret signals. Whoever thinks they have the next card simply puts it down – if they were right and no one had a lower card, they continue playing but if they were wrong, everybody loses a life and you start the round again.
There’s also a handy throwing-a-star trick for the moments the entire team agrees to use up one of thier stars (earned at levels 1, 2, 5 and 8) and sync up by revealing everybody’s lowest cards. The game ends when either the team has run out of lives (a loss) or has completed the last level (a victory).

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What kind of vocabulary can you practice?

This game is called The Mind for a reason – it is played in the players’ minds, they cannot exchange any information about their cards or strategy. This makes it a very exciting, language independent game great for beginners as they can focus entirely on practicing their numbers (read the numbers and levels that appear on the table) and general gaming vocabulary (download the free Useful phrases in Polish PDF).

  Example expressions you will learn:

Numbers 1-100

Ordinary numbers 1-12 (poziom pierwszy, poziom drugi, poziom trzeci, etc.)

Udało się!

Dobrze, teraz następna runda.

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  Free downloads available for this game:

  Gaming vocabulary in Polish - a FREE pdf

  Game rules in Polish - a FREE pdf

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