D.Cabrero, C.López, S.Santisteban (2015)

  Language level: intermediate

  Vocabulary: sickness, body

  Game type: card game, collecting

  Number of players: 2-6

  Game time: 20-60 mins

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What is the game about?

VIRUS! is a dynamic and fun card game for between 2 and 6 players in which you must build a human body (it takes 4 organs, one of each colour) while trying to avoid your opponents from infecting it, destroying it, or stealing your organs. You can take as much time as you need to think about your strategy, but the faster you spread your illnesses, the more exciting your games will be. Try and immunise your organs as soon as possible so that the other players cannot destroy them!

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What kind of vocabulary can you practice?

You will use sickness related vocabulary like infect, vaccine, medicine, immunise, stomach, heal, etc. It offers multiple difficulty levels when it comes to the vocabulary and structures; you can choose to:

a) narrate your actions in the present tense or, if you wish to make it more difficult, in the past tense

b) use medical jargon with Latin-based words (e.g. infekować) or up the game using words with Slavic roots (e.g. zarażać)

  Example expressions you will learn:

Infekuję/zarażam twój żołądek wirusem.

Transplantuję/przeszczepiam twoje serce.

Mój mózg jest zaszczepiony.

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  Gaming vocabulary in Polish - a FREE pdf

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